EUREN Meetings
7th EUREN Meeting
EU and Russian experts to jointly reflect in Moscow results on relevant political issues in 2017-2018
The EU-Russia Expert Network (EUREN) on foreign affairs is meeting in Moscow on 5-6 July to reflect on results of joint discussions, to discuss strategic aim and added value of the network, and selective engagement between the EU and Russia. The two-day event involving experts from the European Union and the Russian Federation are is the seventh in a series of meetings scheduled for 2017-2018 initiated and supported by the Delegation of the European Union to the Russian Federation.

"We created this network to add the additional channel of communication between Russian and the EU to discuss how to overcome the current impasse in our relationship, but also what are the common challenges for both Russia and the EU and which areas of future cooperation we can identify", explained Markus Ederer, European Union Ambassador to the Russian Federation

In the past four years relations between Russia and the EU have been marked by political and economic sanctions and countersanctions. The long-standing dense fabric of political, economic and societal dialogue between Russia and the EU has now become porous. Despite geographic proximity and strong economic interdependence, EU-Russia relations today are marked by a progressive estrangement.