Public debate
How can the EU and Russia improve European security?
Europe's security is under pressure: in the past two decades, military tensions and the risks of a new arms race have increased. The consequences of the MH17 disaster and the conflict in Ukraine have aggravated the situation and this inevitably raises questions about the future of the rules-based order in Europe. The Charter of Paris, the NATO-Russia Founding Act and other post-Сold war security treaties are still valid, but the de facto principles of peace and security on the European continent that are actually enshrined in them are constantly being challenged. Many are concerned in Europe that Russia is seeking to change the established security order, while many in Russia believe that Western policies do not take Russian interests into account.

Can the EU and Russia reach a compromise in these circumstances and create a joint analytical foundation for European security? Is it possible to find a way out of the crisis or is confrontation inevitable? These issues were discussed on the margins of the 10th meeting of the EU-Russia Expert Network (EUREN), supported by the EU in cooperation with the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC). The panel discussion was attended by Markus Ederer, EU Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Tatiana Romanova from St. Petersburg State University, Mark Entin from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO); and Marieke de Hoon from the University of Amsterdam.