EUREN Meetings
10th EUREN Meeting
The EU, Russia and the future of European security
The EU-Russia Expert Network on foreign policy (EUREN) is meeting in the Hague on 4-5 July to discuss the future of European security. The two-day event is hosted by the Clingendael Netherlands Institute for International Relations. The meeting will be opened by Markus Ederer, the European Union Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Ivan Timofeev from the Russian International Affairs Council and Tom de Bruijn from the Clingendael Institute.

European security order is in crisis. Conflict and disagreements between Russia and the other European and Western states are undermining the capacity of major European security organisations, such as OSCE and the Council of Europe, to take action. Information warfare, hybrid attacks and threats are contributing to the internal and transnational polarisation of societies, thereby breaking down the very foundation of a peaceful European order. Russia and the EU disagree on the root causes of the current crisis, as well as possible solutions. Many in Russia feel that Western policies do not take Russian interests into account, whereas in the EU many are concerned that Russia is seeking to change the established security order. From the EU point of view, a change in Russian policy could be the key to improving the situation.

The meeting will focus on three specific levels of European security: the institutional, the regional, and the societal. Discussions should analyse both the perceptions and approaches of the EU and Russia to European security, establish the differences and explore any overlaps that could form the basis of more constructive engagement in the future.