What Does the Future Hold for Belarus?
Nearly two months after Belarus's contested presidential election, Alexander Lukashenko continues to cling to power. This episode of the Carnegie Moscow Center English-language podcast examines how the situation there may unfold.

Podcast host Alexander Gabuev is joined by Yevgeny Preigerman, founder and director of the Minsk Dialogue Council on International Relations; Nataliya Vasilyeva, Moscow correspondent for The Telegraph; and Oksana Antonenko, director of the Global Political Risk team at the UK-based Control Risk consultancy and a member of the EU-Russia Expert Network on Foreign Policy (EUREN). They discuss the violent crackdown on protests in Belarus and its consequences, Lukashenko's long-term prospects, whether the opposition can possibly win, the role of Russia and the West in the ongoing protests, and more.

This podcast is part of the "Russia-EU: Promoting Informed Dialogue" project, supported by the EU Delegation to Russia. Oksana Antonenko is one of the EU-Russia Expert Network on Foreign Policy (EUREN) core group members.